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Digs ‘n Don’ts // May 2017 Edition

Let me start out by saying that I didn’t realize until now how much DIGS ‘N DON’TS looks like DICKS ‘N DONUTS. Freudian slip? Secondly — this post is NOT sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate links. It’s merely an innocent compilation of products I enjoyed in May. I’ve included links to the various products on Amazon, but aside from the non-beauty things… Read More Digs ‘n Don’ts // May 2017 Edition

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27 Facts About Me

The semester’s coming to an end, and I’ve been swamped with university stuff. Summer can’t come quickly enough, if you ask me! Anyway, I put together a little list of facts about me, and decided that 27 should be the magic number seeing how I turn 28 in less than a month. Without further ado,… Read More 27 Facts About Me