10 Things I’m Appreciative of: Spring 2017 Edition

On one of my many blogs (commitment issues?), I once had a short-lived series called Grace in Small Things – something that was most certainly not my own original idea because a) I don’t use the word ‘grace’ unless I’m talking about someone named Grace or ‘grace’ as that adjective that I will not ever possess, and b) I have a habit of looking at life as a big toilet that I get sucked into daily, often landing in a pile of steaming sh–. I know that’s not a very encouraging thing to say on a ~lifestyle blog~ (what life? what style?) but I’m just not very good at remembering to smell the roses and all of that stuff. I’m in an indoors-person. However, I encourage it very much, and have heard it’s a pretty good thing to do every once in a while – very zen, very kale juice.

So, without further ado, here are 10 things that I appreciate at this present moment in time:


  • My cats love me, they really love me.


  • I have FINALLY settled on a general topic for my BA project, and it feels AWESOME. I’ve decided to lower my ambition level and make it easier for myself by choosing a subject I’m already familiar with; in other words, I’m saving my revolutionary pioneer work (*cough*) for my MA desertation
  • Easter Break is coming up and it could not have come at a more convenient time as I’m behind on readings for most of my classes #badstudent #jessicafletcherbeforehomework
  • I passed my grammar re-exam AND got my first university A. More on that in an upcoming post!


  • My university has a new vegetarian café that serves falafels. Not a vegetarian, but I sure do love falafels! Next time, instead of pretending to be healthy and doing a bowl of half-salad, half-falafel, I’ll just go all in on the falafels. I think I can fit about twelve in there if I squish ’em
  • Emmentaler cheese. That’s all
  • At the age of nearly 28 I have discovered coffee, and while tea is still my preferred hot drink, coffee gets me through those long (*cough* 12 classes per week) school days.


  • I don’t have any cavaties
  • I’ve been going through a mascara crisis lately (first world problems), as I have yet to find the perfect one for me. After having used L’oreal’s “Hippie” for a while (and picking up the inevitable flakes on my cheek all throughout the day), I ‘rediscovered’ a mascara (Max Factor X’s Masterpiece Max: High Volume and Definition Mascara) in my makeup bag that I had otherwise sentenced to a miserable death in the dustbin because I thought it was too wet and hard to work with. I still think it’s too wet and it’s not one that I can put on on the go as it requires some cleaning up with q-tips, but the result is honestly beautiful, I’ll give it that. It separates the lashes and adds volume, in other words: ME LIKIE.

Random Silver Lining

  • The power went out last night, but eventually came back on. TWO THUMBS UP!

Now, that wasn’t so hard! I’m sure I could add ten more if I gave it some thought. In other words: Dear Life, you are invited to my birthday party! Love, Sofie.

What are you appreciative of at the moment?