For the poultry


Sofie and this magnolia tree wishes you a happy belated Easter!

Man oh man oh man, Happy Easter! I’m a little late, but the sentiment is genuine enough. And for those who didn’t celebrate the resurrection of Christ: Happy weekend being off from work! I know it’s now Wednesday and all, but my aforementioned comment regarding my sentiments still stands.

With this Easter thing – like fellow agnostics Thucydides and Zac Efron, I’m mostly in it for the eggs, but who knows what the future has in store for me – could it be a spiritual enlightenment, perhaps? I just don’t know. About that, about God, about us ever finding out. I just don’t know. And I am okay with that, for now. For now, it feels like I have bigger fish to fry.

I have had the last week off, and it has in truth been rejuvenating. It’s been so rejuvenating that large parts of my face have broken out in zits and other wonderful things that take me right back to the days of Bright Eyes and photoshopping piercings on photos of my face to see how it would look. I’m not sure what’s going on, but when I asked for spring chicken this was not what I meant – YOU HEAR? See, I don’t know if there is anyone up there to hear this, and that’s okay – I just like yelling. I don’t think it’s anything hormonal (that goes for both the skin and the yelling), and I have been drinking plenty of water (even though I HATE it), plus I’ve tried very hard to lay off the carbohydrates (especially sugar) – so, like, what can it be? This is not the big fish I was talking about, by the way. This is like a sardine in the grand scheme of things.

For the last week or so I have been working on a post about my experiences with grade school, and I really hope I will finish it because I think it will prove to be cathartic for me in the end. It’s not even about hitting ‘publish’; it’s just acknowledging all of these things that I have been remembering lately and penning them down –working through it in my own way, as I have always done. One day I will work up the drive to go see someone about this (and everything else). I need to unload the little red wagon I’ve been dragging behind me a little bit.

2 thoughts on “For the poultry

  1. My zits are almost always caused by stress. Especially when stress and PMS happen to coincide. I get this massive ones that are so deep they don’t ever want to disappear, even when the stress and PMS are gone. It’s awful.

    That said, hopefully getting all your thoughts out will help with your inner stress and the zits will abate, amen!

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