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27 Facts About Me

The semester’s coming to an end, and I’ve been swamped with university stuff. Summer can’t come quickly enough, if you ask me! Anyway, I put together a little list of facts about me, and decided that 27 should be the magic number seeing how I turn 28 in less than a month.

Without further ado, here are 27 (riveting) facts about yours truly!

  1. I’m scared of birds. I generally avoid pigeons.
  2. I can’t whistle. I’m okay with it.
  3. I can’t snap. I’m not okay with it.
  4. I can’t pronounce the American ‘Z’. When I try to ‘zzzz’, it just sounds like an insistent ‘ssss’.
  5. One of my favorite parts of blogging is making the photo that goes with each post. It allows me to be creative and inspires me to write. In fact, I usually do it before doing any writing.
  6. I don’t have any tattoos and don’t plan on getting any. The thought of having something on my skin that cannot be washed off makes me feel claustrophobic.
  7. I’ve been dying my hair brown for the past six years. My natural hair color is a dark blonde, almost golden color; however, I didn’t like it because I felt it washed me out.
  8. My lips are chronically dry/chapped af, and it challenges my lipstick game.
  9. I haven’t worn pants for a couple of years now. I prefer skirts, dresses, and the stretchiness of pantyhose.
  10. I LOVE Coca Cola Zero (#notsponbuthitmeup) – it’s my crack.
  11. I really don’t like the taste of alcohol.
  12. Excessive tea tannin and nail polish fumes might be the end of me.
  13. I LOVE Agatha Christie.
  14. I prefer gold jewelry.
  15. I would love to wear a wrist watch, but I hate the feeling of having something on my wrist.
  16. My favorite season is SUMMER.
  17. That said, I’m not much of a beach girl. I find the ocean intimidating and scary.
  18. I usually spend about 6 hours in IKEA. So much to see, so much to do – and so many köttbullar to eat!
  19. I’m a type 2 (Helper) personality on the enneagram scale.
  20. My favorite number is 6.
  21. I started wearing makeup when I was 21.
  22. When I was younger, I wanted to be either a writer, doctor, teacher, social worker, or a psychologist.
  23. My favorite Disney movies are Pocahontas and Mulan.
  24. My least favorite Danish movies are Pinocchio and Hunchback of Notre Dame. They’re just too dark for me (and the latter reminds me of being bullied as a child).
  25. I sleep with a retainer every night.
  26. Sometimes I’m hit by a creative spell, and then I make dreamcatchers, garlands, and macrame flowerpots.
  27. I love cats, and have two myself that I adore. There’s nothing better than snuggling with little warm fur-balls of love, am I right?

Enough about me, tell me some facts about you!

  • 28 was actually one of my favorite ages. It’s also ironic that it’s also one of my lucky numbers and I was also born on the 28th. Truly was my golden year! Hope it’s just as awesome for you.

  • danisheritage

    Hi ….i love you sofie…cant wait to see you soon
    love ammichelle