Welcome to the about page, also known as the page everyone loves to read but hates to write. Or maybe it’s just me.

About Sofie

How do you solve a problem like Sofeeeyuh… 

My name is Sofie [soh-fee-uh]. I was born in ‘89 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I still live, study, play, et cetera. I live in an apartment in a quiet part of Copenhagen, with my husband Bug (that’s what I call him – I don’t remember how or when it started) and cats Muffin and Biscuit. Bug is a born-and-bread Long Islander, which means that New York has become my home away from home. I feel so good there.

I’m currently a student at the University of Copenhagen, where I major in English Studies. My main interests lie within U.S culture, history and politics, and the colonization of the Americas, and I’m hoping to (eventually) get a doctorate degree in my field. We don’t dream small over here!

When I was three years old, my parents discovered that I suffer from the rare bone-disease pycnodysostosis – which I won’t deny has been kind of a dominating factor in my life thus far. It means that I have spent a lot of my childhood at home on the couch with a broken leg. It also means that I have been bullied – A LOT. The disease made me fragile and strong at the same time. It led me down a different path, and there have been a lot of bumps on the way, but I spend every day trying to see the beauty in what I have been given.

About Philosuffy

Philosuffy is my humble online abode. It has gone through many changes and revamps, mostly due to my indecisiveness about who and what I want to represent online. Alas, I think I have finally found my way. This blog features every part of me; everything I find interesting, frustrating, exciting, and so on. It is my heart blood – something that was born because I need this outlet, but also because I believe I have something to offer.