Me right after graduating

My name is Sofie. I am a Danish girl woman in my not-that-early twenties, who has been online for far too long. I am a student by day and a dreamer by night.

As cliché as it sounds, I like to blog about anything and everything. If there is a red thread on this blog, I don’t see it. I am unstructured, but I get better with age, like a fine peperoni. Also, I drink way too much tea, which is what I suspect will eventually kill me – all that tea tannin’s got to be building up.

I love learning, but I hate being a student — and yet I have chosen to become an academic. We’ll see if my hair has turned grey by 2018, when I should be able to reap the reward of my labor. Let’s not try to do the math on how old I’ll be by then 29. The reason why I am only just entering this stage of my life now, is that I have spent most of my teenage years in my room, scared of everything.

I am not ashamed; I just try not to think about all the years I have lost.

I still feel like an observer more than a participant, but it’s beginning to even itself out.

I am a pretty content person, at least I try my best to be. I may or may not have a tendency to overdramatize things.  I like old things. The Beach Boys is my musical soul mate, and Andrew, my boyfriend of nearly a decade, is my everything-soul mate. I have an affinity for armchairs, history, politics, dresses, lamps, decoration pillows, dates, Disney movies, and there is a special place in my heart that will always belong to Lieutenant Columbo (Bless his soul).

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