Grammar Exam Trauma – Fixing Lemons with LemonAID

It´s been almost a month since my last blog post, and as the modern person I am, I explained why this was in a tweet:

Philosuffy Tweet #1
So that´s my reason. I´ve been busy leading a -responsible- life where working on my academic shortcomings and instead turning them into longcomings has taken priority over doing things that I actually like – such as screwing around on the internet and watching Murder, She Wrote. Also, do I care that “longcomings” is not a word? Absolutely not. After a month of intense grammar lessons and clause trees, I´m done sticking to the formula. Move over, John McCain – there´s a new maverick in town!

Philosuffy tweet #2

If you´re wondering, I DID end up using ‘scuttlebutt’ in my paper. No regrets!

As I already mentioned, my ego suffered a crucial blow back in January when I found out that I had failed my grammar exam. I made sure to cry into buckets so I could water all of Copenhagen´s trees with my tears (me? dramatic? what are you talking about?), and then, when I was done feeling like an academic reject, I grabbed the cow by its tits and got back up on the horse again. Or something. If you want to know how I got to that point, I wrote a post about it titled It Held Me Down, But I Got Up: Failing an Exam and Moving Ondescribing the mental process of going from LEMONS to LEMONAID. 

That is without a doubt my advice to anyone who is in the same situation:

Swallow Your Pride – Get Yourself some LemonAID (aka help)

I got a myself a tutor who was great and supportive and empathetic, and that was exactly what I needed. She managed to make clause trees fun(!), either through voodoo magic or by adding some kind of potion to my water bottle when I was in the bathroom, and now – well, I´m addicted. If you ask me, clause trees are the new crosswords! I used to dread them, and now it´s my crack. That and ice blends. I do clause trees when…

  • I´m supposed to be doing other things in school
  • When I read my murder mystery novels (in my head)
  • When I´m watching television
  • When I´m in the bathroom

In fact, my new motto is: Got tea? Do a clause tree!

I´m not perfect at it by any means, and I probably never will be, but it´s not really about that. It´s about the fact that I have managed to get some sort of grasp on a discipline that used to be as foreign to me as a whole other language. Or even worse – MATH! I know for a fact that I wouldn´t have gotten to this point without some outside help, and even though it took some serious hutzpah to muster up the courage to write in the Facebook group for my ENTIRE faculty that I had failed this course and needed help, it was absolutely the right thing to do – and well worth it.

Yesterday, the results of my efforts were to put to the test in a re-exam, and we´ll see what it all amounts to. Clause trees are no longer my problem – the time pressure is. If it doesn´t work out this time, I will try again. And again. And again. Because that´s how I roll now.

As for this blog, I have a lot of fun (at least I think so) ideas for upcoming posts – one of which is a series that I am particularly excited about! I love series, don´t you? Can´t wait to share it with you!