Guess Who´s Back – Tell a Friend (No Really)

Hi, hello, how are you? Long time no see.

Fresh year, fresh start, am I right?

So there seems to be a solid agreement across the board that 2016 has been, well, the pits. Shootings, hurricanes, Brexit, Trump, terror, Trump, more terror, more Trump, outbreaks of disease, wars, the announcement of the sequel to Jumanji starring The Rock and Nick Jones, the loss of some serious icons, Russian hacking; J.F.K, blown way, what else do I have to say? We didn´t start the fire…

Wait, what?

All of this wretchedness aside, I feel like we need some positive stories about 2016. Tell me, did it have any redeeming qualities?

Kylie Jenner, wise as she is, predicted a year ago that 2016 would be a year of “Realizing stuff”. Everyone around her were “just like, realizing things”, which inspired me to realize some things, too.

Sofie´s 2016 Realizations (Brace yourself)

1. I´m a lousy… body-inhabitor? Spirit-owner? Human?

Let´s start off with the light stuff. I´ve realized that I have a deeply complicated and ambivalent relationship with myself and who I am. That´s light, right? I know, I know, the most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself, but sometimes that relationship can be both abusive and toxic. I need to be kinder to myself, dammit. Let´s work on that in 2017!

2. I´m lame

Secondly, I´m the kind of person who wants (and would wear) that kitsch Christmas Sweater from H&M with a bulldog on it that reads “Gangsta Wrapper” or the one that says “You Used To Call Me on My Elf Phone” – naturally featuring a little elf and a phone. Yeah, I love that shit – it´s hysterical to me, and that´s A-OKAY. I gotchu H&M; I´m picking up what you´re throwing down. Best purchase of 2016 is my “Are You a Beaver? Cuz Dam”-t-shirt which I wear with pride.

3. Criticism makes me butthurt

Thirdly, I seriously need to become better at accepting academic criticism. I take it too personally, and instead my focus should be solely on improving my work. Say it with me: It is not a critique of who you are as a person; it´s a HELP that will help steer you in the right direction in your academic career. You are NOT your work (even if you put your heart and soul into it. Which I sometimes do.)

4. My personality is – like – ambidextrous – so imma use both hands!

Finally, I´ve realized that I want this blog to represent all aspects of me, and not just the long-winded, introspective, bellybutton-gazing part. I´m telling you, I´m more than that Debbie Downer you´ve come to know; I can also be fun and lighthearted and consumeristic and all the things that society values. I´M JUST LIKE YOU, GUYS! Okay, major flashbacks to second grade. Anyway, I want my blog to showcase all the molecules that make up the special snowflake that is me; you know what I´m saying? That´s why I have all of those fun new categories up there in the menu-bar. Exciting, isn´t it? So, I will work on that.

In an attempt to tie up this post, I will say that I sincerely hope that 2017 will be infinitely better than 2016. It has to be, right? I mean, the bar is set so low that it should be within the realm of possibility, so we´re counting on you, 2017! We´re very, very easily impressed.


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