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Nail Products I Use To Keep My Nails Happy and Healthy

It’s no secret that I’m mad crazy about nail polish and doing my nails in general. Painting my nails feels like a sort of meditation, and it usually takes place at night after I’ve showered, while sipping a cup of tea and watching some random television show. Some need a glass of wine to unwind – I’ll take nail polish, please! Painting my nails in sparkly colors or funky patterns give me something nice and positive to look at when I need to zone out for a minute in class (#badstudent), and makes me feel like I at least outwardly have my shit together. In other words, it makes me happy when skies are grey.

So, from this nail polish fetishist to other nail polish fetishists, here is a list of my favorite nail products at the moment. These might change in a couple of months, but for now this is what I use and am happy with. *NB: This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links

My Favorite Nail Products
Nail Products I Use To Keep My Nails Happy and Healthy

1// DKS Impulsiv Nail Polish Remover w. Olive Oil/Acetone Free

(no link, sorry!)

Sorry international friends, this is a Danish product that’s NOT available outside of Denmark. If you’re from Denmark, this product is available in the store Normal. However, I chose to include it because a) switching to acetone-free nail polish remover has saved my nails, and b) I’m sure you can find something similar in your drugstore. What makes it great is the fact that it is packed with olive oil so that it actually moisturizes WHILE removing your nail polish. The non-acetone factor means that it takes a little bit longer to remove your nail polish, and it is also quite oily, but I’m telling you your nails will love you for it. I used to use 100% acetone to remove my nail polish and my nails were brittle and extremely prone to breakage which was terrible for a nail polish fetishist such as myself. TERRIBLE. Now removing my nail polish is like giving my nails a spa treatment (is there such a thing for nails?), and my nails have never been this long or this healthy looking. In short, I can’t recommend this type of remover enough!

2// Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser + Balm

This stuff is great and works like a charm; however, I would suggest making sure to only put it on your cuticles and nail bed and NOT the entire nail (including the free edge), as I accidentally did that and it left my nails extremely soft.

3// OPI’s Rubber Cuticle Pusher

This has gotten mixed reviews, but I like it because it’s gentle and gets the job done. I’ve tried wooden sticks and metal pushers, but this rubber one has been my favorite so far. This is currently unavailable on Amazon, but just like the nail polish remover I’m sure something similar can be found.

4// Revlon’s Quick Dry Base Coat

Base coats tend to be a product that I’m less fussy about, as long as it dries quickly and gives me a nice base. This one does the job!

5// Seche Vite’s Quick Dry Top Coat

This stuff is my crack – pure and simple. My nail crack. It makes my nail polish dry so fast, and, depending on the quality of the nail polish (Essie, I’m looking at you), it really does prevent chipping. I also noticed that they have changed the brush to a wider, fatter one, which was my main complaint about the product. Oh, and the fact that the formula changes when you are about half-way through the bottle and gets a little difficult to work with.

Hope you found this useful! As for actual polish brands that I love, that’s a post for a(nother) rainy day. Let me know which products are your favorite!