My Zodiac and Me: Am I Your Typical Gemini?

Throughout my life, I´ve always considered myself a typical Gemini – at least when it came to the innermost core of myself. When I discovered that my ascendent was Virgo, my entire personality fell into place (is that very weird?). It explained my perpetual shyness, my worry – my carefulness and my need for order. That doesn´t mean that I´m not a messy person or that my apartment doesn´t look like a bomb went off most of the time. It just means (at least to me) that I have a hard time with things being unstructured and unpredictable. As for Geminis – well, they have sort of a double personality, which is what I have always identified with the most. One half of me is lighthearted, communicative (as in good at small-talk) and spontaneous; the other half is more introspective and serious.

Adding the Virgo into the mix, I guess I´m 1/3 fun, 1/3 serious and 1/3 control-freak. Don´t you want to be my friend?

Needless to say, these different parts of me are battling it out on a daily basis, and I guess that is what makes me charming and complex, am I right? Still, I identify the most with the Gemini, and this post is going to be a run-through of the different qualities of the Gemini (according to Ganesha Speaks), seeing how well it really matches me. In other words, have I been living a lie? Dum dum dum dum. (PS: Like this idea? Scroll to the bottom of the post!)

Without further ado:

My Zodiac and Me: Gemini Edition


May 21-June 20

Gemini Strengths:

  • Brilliance of mind: Eh, let´s not get carried away here.
  • Good communication skills: I can talk to most people, and in different situations — both in terms of small-talk and deeper conversations. I feel like I´m an empathetic person and a good listener. I can also strike up a conversation with someone in the store or in the school cafeteria. However, I can´t say that I don´t feel insecure doing it or that I am not afraid of making a bad impression.
  • Gregariousness: I´m not going to lie, I had to look this one up (not sure why this couldn´t just have been called ‘sociable’, but I digress). Yes, I would say that I am gregarious (look at me using this fancy adjective like I´ve been doing it all my life) to an extent. I like to talk to people and can feel high after a good conversation, but I also feel like it sucks a lot of energy out of me. I usually need to mentally recharge after my gregarious escapades.
  • Diplomacy/Tact: Yes – in fact, sometimes I wish I could turn it down a little bit. I´m too afraid of hurting people´s feelings, resulting in me rarely standing up for myself. However, I think I´d make a good mediator.
  • Vivacity: I think I´m generally pretty vivacious, yes. I´ve been told I exude positive energy, and that I have the ability to make other people happy.
  • Enthusiasm/Cheerfulness: Yes and yes. I´m easily excited, especially when it comes to good things happening to other people. If we are friends, I´m your cheerleader!
  • Wit: I do think I have a lot of humor, and I have used humor to get through most of my life. My sense of humor is dry – really dry. Sarcasm usually cracks me up. I also have to say that humor is extremely important to me in general – I thank my lucky stars every day that Bug is as funny as he is. And I tell him, on a daily basis – “I don´t know what I´d do if you weren´t so funny”.
  • Versatility: When it comes to blending into different environments, yes. I feel like I have many different sides, and all of them are equally me.

Gemini Weaknesses:

  • Duality: If they mean having a dual personality, then yes. Like previously mentioned, I feel like I have a light side and a heavy side.
  • Prevarication: Again a word I had to look up – this means DISHONESTY, for those wondering. I try my best not to fib, but it´s not always that black and white. I never lie about things I have experienced or who I am, but there can be times where a white lie is necessary in my opinion – like when it comes to unnecessarily hurting people´s feelings, or with things you know they won´t understand because their actions have proven as much.
  • Instability: Sometimes. 🙁  
  • Indecision: YES! Especially if it´s decisions I can´t unmake.
  • Laziness and Untidiness: Unfortunately, YES. I have such a hard time pushing myself to tidy up and clean. Bug calls my corner of the livingroom “the hell hole”, which, okay, that´s exaggerating it a bit. But I usually have fifteen thousand things going, like nail polish (that I forget to put away when I´m done), oil for my dye-fried hair, pill bottles, books and magazines, etc… not proud of it! Also, I HATE doing the dishes.

The Verdict:

Considering how every single point fit me (to a higher or lesser degree), I´d say that I´m right in feeling like a bonafide Gemini – for better and worse.


NB! Service announcement:

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